Monday, April 3, 2017

Opam and update on my crazy quilt block

Good evening from sunny Nova Scotia , yes the sun is actually shining and although a bit breezy is a lovely evening and looks a bit more like spring . Maybe just maybe it really is going to happen this year .
 So I am a tad late reporting for March for Opam , sorry Kris.  I had seven finishes all of which I spoke about here .  They included two tea towels , a mug rug , banner , pillow and wall hanging . I have been busy since then but no finishes.
 I just completed task #7 for my crazy quilt block.  My lack of threads makes it a tad challenging to get the look I wish to have.  I have tons of DMC floss but I don't care for the look it creates on this block although I have used some . I am pleased how it is coming along , I even added a few beads today , have to say I am not a bead person , I prefer things plain  but I am here to learn so I will do as the teacher says lol .

. So I am plugging along with this as well as my BOM Quilt,  making progress slowly but surely there .
 That's all my news for now , thanks so much for stopping by today,  sure loved seeing you .
 Hugs Sheila

Monday, March 27, 2017

Update on my crazy quilt block

The weather in our area has been anything but spring like , we even had a blizzard last Thursday,  Mother Nature needs a wake up call and Shubenacdie Sam got it all wrong , we did not have an early spring . Well we may have, but winter returned 😉  Oh well look on the bright side it is close to the end of March , my least favorite month and April is just around the corner so surely that means better weather.
  I have lots of things on the go , one project I even completed but I can't share it as it is a mystery and can't be revealed just yet but I promise to share it soon .  I hate to admit this but I am also STILL working on my Round Robin project but it is getting close to a finish too , as long as I have it done by May I am good 😉  There is also my BOM Quilt that I am trying to finish up , I am in the process of sewing rows together
and I have had to unpick a couple of times , not quite as easy this way at least for me .

Now for the title of this post , I have also been working now and then on the crazy quilt block I told you about in my earlier post . I have now completed task #6 , yeah . Some of this embroidery was quite quick , the little row of French knot flowers took a little longer to complete but I sure do love them . I don't have a lot of floss in the 12 weight and most of what I do have is darker colours but  I did find enough to do the flowers as it makes a huge difference using this floss compared to dmc for the embroidery , a nicer finish . I have heard a store in Halifax now carries some of this type of floss so my next visit to the city will include a trip to Patch . Here is what it looks like right now. I am going to link up to Super Mom No Cape today , go here to see what others have been stitching .

 Now yesterday I needed a little break from embroidery and well,  I fell off my wagon of not starting anything new,  that didn't last long did it haha.  I seen these 6"blocks on various blogs and couldn't resist joining in.  I guess I miss the SS . This is another SAL , this time with other designers like Carrie Nelson ,Jo Morton and Lisa Bonegan to name a few and is called Moda Blockheads , here is a link to the newest block
Only three blocks have been shared so far so it's not too late to join in the fun . I finished my three blocks since yesterday so obviously pretty quick to make.
 I am digging into the same container I used for  my BOM , there is enough to make a couple of quilts I think .
 So there you have it,  I confess I just can't resist cute blocks , can you ?
 That's it for me today , I am off to put some heat on my knee which is giving me grief . Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day .
 Hugs Sheila

Friday, March 17, 2017


Time to report on FNSI hosted by Wendy
  I have a lot of things on the go and I know i shouldn't have BUT I signed up for the beginners crazy quilt course by Kathy Shaw so last evening I started my embroidery and I am continuing to embroider this evening but that is on a secret project so I can't share that but here is my crazy quilt block.

This is my second time doing this class , you see my first time I didn't finish it because of my wrist being broken so I decided I would try again as I really love crazy quilting.  If you ever have the opportunity to take one of Kathy's classes I would highly recommend her , she is more than generous with her instructions and information . Here is a link to her blog , her classes are free ! 
Thanks for stopping by and hop on over to see what the other ladies were stitching on . 
Hugs Sheila 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Some ufos have been checked off the list

I have been doing a little catch-up on some UFO's that have been sitting patiently for me to finish them up . A few I finished a short while ago and one I finished just this morning .
 Our guild is having their annual quilt show the end of May so at the moment I am trying my best to finish off a few items for display. This year we are celebrating Canada's 150th birthday so our plan is to have some displays to represent this monumental event . The first challenge set before us was to create a banner , it did have to be a certain width and length and have the Maple leaf and the fact it was 150 years. Here is what I created .

 I really had no plan when I started but the first thing was to make the PP maple leaf , whew that was the worst part of this whole thing , so easy to mess up the pieces . I then decided flying geese would work well so made two sets of those to fit the width of the banner then my final decision was to add the silhouette of the Mountie , let's face it the RCMP is definitely a good representation of Canada and the fact our oldest son is a member nailed that decision for me . It was a little challenging to stitch around all that black . I don't know about you but I find sewing with black thread on black fabric a little hard to see where I have stitched.  
 A few of us also decided we would make a little table topper for the tea room at the quilt show . We all used the same pattern but all are different because so many different red fabrics were used . We will have a lovely red and white display for those enjoying tea .

My next finish was this little mug rug.  I had this almost completed before Christmas so I guess I am  extra early for next year . 

This is part of a panel which has many similar cute images , I still have a few to use . I carefully stitched around the dancer by machine to quilt it . 
This little skinny wall hanging was also started before Christmas and is now hanging in my entry , I was ready to take down the snowman 😉

Not sure you can read the lettering but it says "Enter with a Happy Heart " . Not sure why it took me so long to finish this off,  all that I needed to do was add the binding .
 Finally I will share my finish for today , hmm can't remember when I started this one but the pattern  was part of a blog hop a couple of years ago and the sheep is done with wool . I had decided right away I would make a pillow with this and had the pieces all sewn together but didn't have it quilted . I started to quilt it a couple of weeks ago and just did around the sheep etc then the crazy idea of doing pebbles came into my head to fill in the background.  I think my brain was full of pebbles when I decided to do that . I did it in shifts between sewing my sashing strips strips for my BOM.  This is not a big pillow,  only measure 14" but these little pebbles took me forever.  They are far from perfect , I don't do a lot of FM quilting but felt a pillow was more doable for me so even though it took me so long I think it was worth the time and effort and only I know how imperfect those pebbles are,  oops I just told you , oh well , you already know i am not perfect lol . 
 I just remembered I also have two tea towels that I decorated to share with you . I shared these as part of our program last night at the guild so I can now share them with you .
I like to decorate tea towels , a very quick and easy finish that just brightens my day . 
 Well I shall let you go now , I hope I didn't keep you too long . Thanks for taking the time to stop by I love your visits .
 Hugs Sheila 

Sunday, March 5, 2017


It's Sunday already but I am reporting on my FNWF which took place on Friday hosted by Cheryll . Most evenings will find me handquilting my blocks for the BOM for our guild  project , I am on my last block actually then I will need to quilt all the sashing strips so a long way from finishing yet . I had never done a QAYG before so this has been interesting.  Here is my first strip all blocks quilted and one of the sashing strips.

I didn't get the whole strip in the photo but you get the idea . Here is the block I was working on Friday.
This one is called Prairie Queen and is from Quilters cache , it is one of our extra blocks as I felt it worked well with our theme.  Not too much left to do on this one then I will start on the sashing strips.  The exciting part of doing a quilt this way is when I am finished the quilting it is done , silly thing to say maybe but normally I make a top then quilt it this time I am making blocks then quilting them and then sewing them together . I think i will do this again , I have really enjoyed the hand work .
So that was my Friday night what did you do on Friday ?
 It is a rather nasty day outside,  winter has arrived back just when we were enjoying some spring weather . It is cold and blowing and a little snow is falling , I guess it isn't over yet , that was wishful thinking on my part.
 Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by .
 Hugs Sheila